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Get To Know Google Assistant and How to Use It

Google Assistant is one of the projects from Google that is currently being seriously developed. Google Assistant was born in May 2016, which was originally embedded in the Google Home application and the Google Allow short message application. Google Assistant is a service from Google which is a virtual assistant, the purpose of this service is to make it easier for users to access smartphones and other smart devices.

Google Assistant is made using the C++ programming language, and can already run on several operating systems, such as Android, ChromeOS, IOS and KaiOS. For devices that already support this application are Android, Android Home, Android TV, Wear OS and many more.

Google Assistant has several functions that serve as our personal assistant, so that it can help our daily activities. To find out some of the functions of the Google Assistant, readers can continue reading this article until it runs out.

 Google Assistant Functions

1. As Translator or Dictionary

With the Google Assistant, you no longer need to bother translating a sentence from one language to another. Only by saying the word or sentence that you want to translate, Google Assistant can already provide the results of the translation in the form of text or voice. Quite helpful for friends who are learning a foreign language.

2. To Unlock Smartphone Screen

In general, for locking the screen on our smartphone, we use a PIN password or use a certain scratch pattern on the screen. Actually Google Assistant can also be used as a security for our smartphones, to open a locked smartphone screen, we can use our voice that has been set into Google Assistant. This method is safer for our smartphones to avoid ignorant hands who want to open up our privacy.

 3. To Play Music and Videos

For those of you who like to listen to music, with Google Assistant you no longer need to bother looking for your favorite favorite music, just give a voice command to your smartphone via Google Assistant, then your smartphone will play music from YouTube or Google Play Music. Very exciting isn't it..?

4. Looking for a Restaurant or Tourist Place

For friends who want to find a restaurant or tourist spot, Google Assistant can help provide quite complete recommendations. You just have to give a voice command the location of the place you want to visit, Google Assistant can also provide recommendations for the closest place to your location.

5. Read the News

For friends who are busy but want to know the latest news, Google Assistant can help you read the news, so you can still do other activities without missing the latest news today. It's really like we have our own personal assistant, buddy...

6. As a Conversion Tool

One of the most helpful functions of Google Assistant is as a conversion tool, so you can give Google Assistant commands by voice to convert various types of units, for example converting one currency to another, or converting units of distance, height or weight units. .

Those are some of the functions of the Google Assistant that really help us in everyday life. For those of you who have never tried it, I suggest you try, and you will have like a personal assistant beside you.

How to Use Google Assistant

There is a way to quickly activate Google voice assistant on cellphones and tablets in 1 minute. This application is very useful, especially for those of you who are multitasking.

Like any other assistant, the Google assistant can also be very helpful. Unlike Google Now which only provides one-way conversations, Google Assistant really allows you to ask questions.

You can ask the Google Assistant about anything. Starting from how much Korean food costs, you can even answer how far it is from your house to school.

Through the Google Assistant, you can also reply to rhymes and turn on the TV or AC that is already connected to the cellphone.

It's not just a question of asking, Google Assistant will also help you make calls, open WhatsApp or various applications such as Youtube with just a voice command.

So, how to quickly activate Google Voice Assistant?

There are several steps you can take. Once active, you just say "Hey Google" and he will be ready to help what you need.

Voice Command

  • On your phone or tablet you just need to say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” or go to Assistant settings.

  • Then, under All Settings please press General and select the Google Assistant setting On or Off. By selecting the On setting, you have activated the Google Assistant on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Then, you have to make settings so that the Google Assistant recognizes your voice. This will help keep him in touch with your voice when you need help.

How to set owner voice with Google Assistant:

  • On your Android phone or tablet, say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” or go to Assistant settings
  • Under Popular Settings press Voice Match
  • Make sure Hey Google is on
  • Press Voice mode then retrain voice model
  • Follow the steps to record your voice
  • Once active, you will be greatly helped to do a number of things with the help of the assistant.

That's how to quickly and easily activate Google Voice Assistant on HP and Tablets that you can easily do yourself. good luck !

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