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How to Unlock Forgotten Smartphone Pattern Lock

How to Unlock Forgotten Cellphone Patterns - Forgetting HP passwords is certainly a common occurrence. Especially if we change the pattern too often so we often feel confused which pattern is being used.

If this happens, it will certainly cause panic, because if you don't remember the pattern, your cellphone might not open again.

But, that doesn't mean this prevents you from securing your phone and not creating a password pattern for your cellphone, you know. Not protecting your cellphone is also dangerous, because if one day your cellphone is lost or dropped on the road, it is very difficult to claim ownership of the cellphone.

So, what if you have forgotten the HP pattern used?

Relax, there are several ways you can do to open the pattern. How to open it depends on the type of HP. Below, we will discuss how to unlock Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo cellphone patterns.

How to Unlock Forgotten Samsung Cellphone Patterns

When you forget the pattern on your Samsung cellphone, there is one way you can do to open the pattern. That way is to do a Factory Reset.

It's just that, when doing this way there is a risk of data loss. But it's okay compared to HP that can't be unlocked again, right?

Here's how to do it:

  • Please enter Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the Power + Volume Down button simultaneously
  • Wait for the Samsung logo to appear. If the logo already appears, press the Power and Volume up buttons
  • Release the button when the Recovery Mode menu appears
  • In the Recovery menu, there is a factory reset option or a wipe data menu. Use volume buttons to scroll through selection and use power button to enter)
  • After that a dialog box will appear, press the power button to agree to the hard reset.
  • A new page will appear containing Reboot Now
  • Wait a few moments until the Hard Reset process is complete.
  • After the process is complete, your cellphone will be reset as before and there is no pattern to open the cellphone again.

This practice was tested using the Samsung Galaxy A30S.

How to Unlock Xiaomi Cellphone Pattern

How to open a Xiaomi cellphone pattern is not much different from the way it is done using a Samsung cellphone. However, this is not the only way.

You can still restart your cellphone if you have completely forgotten your password. It's just that, if you have restarted but can't open it, then you can do a factory reset.

What you can do is as follows:

  • Please turn off the Xiaomi cellphone first until the cellphone actually goes into Off mode
  • After off, please press the power button and volume up simultaneously, hold down until the MI logo appears on the cellphone screen.
  • You will automatically enter the recovery menu
  • Select the wipe data menu, just like a Samsung cellphone, volume buttons to change options and the power button to press options)
  • After that a new screen will appear, select wipe all data then please press confirm.
  • A new screen will appear, select back to main menu and select reboot > reboot to system
  • Wait until the process is complete and the pattern on your cellphone will disappear.

How to Unlock Forgotten Oppo HP Patterns

To overcome the forgotten Oppo HP pattern, the easiest way is to do a factory reset earlier. The risk is still the same as the previous HP, which will delete all files on the internal HP and the settings will return to factory settings.

The way to do it is also quite simple:

  • Turn off the HP Oppo that you have and then enter the Recovery menu by pressing the power button and volume down simultaneously.
  • After the cellphone enters recovery mode, select the language used.
  • Then, select the wipe data menu by pressing volume up and volume down then pressing the power button to select
  • Select the data format then click OK
  • Wait a few moments until the HP restarts and returns to factory settings.

How to Unlock Vivo HP Pattern

To open the forgotten Vivo HP pattern, the method is also no different from the HP method above. It seems that doing a factory reset can solve the forgotten password problem on any cellphone.

The way that can be done is also the same as some of the tutorials above. The risk of doing this method is also the same, which can eliminate all data stored on the internal HP.

How to Unlock Forgotten HP Patterns Without Factory Reset

Doing a factory reset certainly has a big risk of losing important data on the internal HP that has not been recovered to external memory.

But, doing a factory reset is actually the last thing you can do. There are several other ways you can do if you forget the pattern, password, or password installed on your cellphone.

Here's the full review:

1. How to open HP Pattern Using Android Device Manager (ADM)

The first way is to use the Android Device Manager access. What you can do is as follows:

  • Enter the Android Device Manager site via Smartphone
  • Login using go account the google in the device is locked
  • After that you have to select a locked device and select the Lock menu
  • A new page will appear containing the New Lock Screen. Please enter a new password and select lock again
  • A confirmation button will appear at the bottom if the process is successful.

Well, now your Android device will open with the password you created earlier.

2. How to Unlock HP Pattern Using Google Login

This method is actually quite simple. you only need to enter a random password or pattern 5 times. This process will later bring up the option to forget the pattern automatically.

If this option already appears, please choose to sign in using the Google Account installed on your cellphone. Or, if you know the PIN, then just choose Backup PIN

You will be logged into the phone with all the patterns erased if you manage to do this.

3. How to Unlock HP Pattern Using Find My Mobile

Opening a forgotten HP pattern in this way is quite easy. All you need to do is do the following steps:

  • Visit Samsung Find My Mobile Web on PC or on another cellphone
  • Log in using an account that is connected to an account that is on a locked cellphone
  • Your name will appear on the left page if this process is successful
  • Select unlock my screen and wait for your cellphone to open

Those are some ways to open a forgotten HP pattern. If all of those methods fail, that means you have to do a factory reset with all the risks involved. Good luck.

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