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UK hip hop

uk hip hop

UK drill is a subgenre of drill music and road rap that originated in the South London district of Brixton from 2012 onwards Borrowing heavily from the style of Chicago drill music UK drill artists often rap about violent and hedonistic criminal lifestyles Typically those who create this style of music are affiliated with gangs or come from socioeconomicallydeprived neighborhoods where crime is a way of life for many UK drill music is closely related to road rap a British style of gangsta rap that became popular in the yea

British hip hop also known as UK hip hop or UK rap is a genre of music and a culture that covers a variety of styles of hip hop music made in the United Kingdom It is generally classified as one of a number of styles of urban music British hip hop can also be referred to as Brithop a term coined and popularised mainly by British Vogue magazine and the BBC

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